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Great Customer Service and Cutting-Edge Technology

Gary Carlson, owner of Gary Carlson Equipment in Blaine, Minnesota, has had a long-standing relationship with Takeuchi. Since the early 80’s, Carlson has been in the business of renting Takeuchi mini excavators. The relationship that has spanned three decades began by accident when a handful of Takeuchi mini excavators ended up on their equipment yard. In spite of initial skepticism from his customers, Takeuchi mini excavators found some immediate success at Gary Carlson Equipment. “Two weeks later, they were all on rent, and that launched a Takeuchi mini excavator program,” says Carlson.

A Decade of Reliability on

the Job

Justin Kemp, owner of Kemp Vallie Contracting of Vancouver, is not afraid to get his hands dirty – and he’s been doing just that with Takeuchi equipment since he started the company over a decade ago. Since 1997, his company has found its niche in focusing on underground parkades for apartment complexes and townhomes. When Kemp first started the company, he had guys operating his equipment, but nowadays, he runs every facet of the company, from scheduling and logistics to operating the equipment on the jobsite, and that’s the way he likes it.

Top Quality Equipment for Top Quality Results

This isn’t Doug Mottin’s first rodeo. For 16 years, he has been in the business of renovating golf courses, and four years ago, he decided it was time to start his own company. Since then, Mottin Golf Course Renovations has made a name for themselves on projects in the Northeast from their Philadelphia headquarters.


Product Highlight

Dale Keller, Takeuchi RPM, explains what sets the TL230 apart from all the rest.


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President of Takeuchi-US Clay Eubanks offers his perspective on the growing rental market.