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Winter Draws On – Changing Weather Means More Business for Contractors in the Northeast

Glenn Zirpolo founded Groom Lawn in 1980. Headquartered in Adamstown, Maryland, Groom Lawn now covers about a hundred-mile radius—from Pennsylvania down to Virginia, and everywhere in between.

Working with several national residential builders, Glenn specializes in site work – namely grading, excavation, septic and utility installation as well as sod and landscaping. “I own another company—Earthmovers Excavation, which is co-owned by Buddy Fields—that handles all the grading, excavation and digging work,” explains Zirpolo. “Then Groom Lawn comes in to lay sod and take care of the landscaping.”

The right equipment
With a career spanning over 30 years, Glenn has tried just about every machine on the market, and he has the experience to know exactly what to look for. With a fleet of over 30 skid machines, Glenn’s crews still use plenty of the other guys’ equipment, but when it comes to track loaders, he goes with Takeuchi.

“We lay a lot of sod, and the responsive controls of our Takeuchi TL230 allow for precision operation, even in the mud. Also, the machines just feel more powerful.”

“With Earthmovers Excavation, we purchased our first Takeuchi machine about eight or nine years ago,” says Glenn. “And we recently purchased more Takeuchi machines for Groom Lawn. I’ve seen how reliable these machines really are.”

The right partners
Glenn works with local Takeuchi dealer Folcomer Equipment Corporation. With five locations spanning Maryland and Delaware, Folcomer Equipment is a full-service construction equipment dealer that offers new and used equipment sales, rentals, as well as parts and service.

“Folcomer has been a great partner,” Glenn adds. “They always have all the right filters and parts in stock for the basic maintenance of our Takeuchi machines.”

The right attitude
The last couple of winters have been interesting for Glenn and his crews. “For the last two years, we’ve been laying sod all year-round,” he says. “The weather patterns are changing, and for us it means more business.”

Contractors all over the country have been embracing the new business opportunities provided by changing weather. Warm winters are allowing contractors to work well into the colder seasons, and in some areas of the US, snowplows are collecting dust as folks like Glenn are laying sod and doing dirt work all through winter.

Rising temperatures were at unprecedented levels in the US and worldwide in 2012 according to a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration 2012 report. With the US experiencing its warmest year on record last year, snowfall in the Northeast has been well below normal, and temperatures stayed in the 50s and 60s through most of January and February. For many, this is the new paradigm.

“We’re embracing it,” says Glenn. “This would have been unheard of even a few years ago, but if we’re able to do site work all through the winter, we’re going to do it.”


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