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A Flaunting in Connecticut

Northwest Landscaping has been providing commercial and residential landscaping services to the Northwest Connecticut area since 1997. From grounds maintenance, lawn care and gardening to excavation, drainage and other sitework, Emery Wisell does it all.

“We can handle just about anything,” says Emery. “Grading, repairing driveways, stump removal, basic gardening—we have a lot of customers who have a second home out here in the country, so we do a lot of maintenance work for folks who are out here as weekenders.” Northwest Landscaping also handles quite a bit of storm and flooding damage. “Northwest Connecticut is not without it’s fair share of violent weather, so we are always ready to help our clients with clearing brush, fallen trees, and repairing drainage issues on their property.”

Emery knows that having the right tools for the job can make all the difference, so he keeps a Takeuchi TB153FR excavator, a TL240 track loader, and a TW50 wheel loader in his fleet. “There’s a lot of competition out here, so having reliable equipment that can get the job done fast can make a big difference.”

The TB153FR is one of Takeuchi’s "Full Rotation" compact excavators. The patented side-to-side offset boom system combined with the tight tail swing enables the TB153FR to rotate a full 360° with very little overhang, making it the perfect choice when you need power and performance and the capability to work in tight spaces. “The excavator is perfect for residential projects where you don’t always have a lot of space—sometimes you need to get through fences or other tight areas, or dig up close to a structure or rock wall where you really need that extra maneuverability,” Emery explains. “The machine is perfect for those types of applications.”

While digging is the name of the game, Emery uses his excavator for more than that. “I recently purchased a brush clearing attachment for the excavator and it has turned out to be one of the best investments I’ve made in terms of time savings.” 

“When I was looking into the TL240, I figured that if Takeuchi’s track loaders where as well-built as their excavators, then I couldn’t go wrong. Our Takeuchi track loader is unbeatable for grading and other dirt work. We also use it with a mower attachment, as well as a grapple that has come in really handy on certain jobs. My operators love the feel of the controls, and it operates easily even in the mud. 

He also keeps his TW50 wheel loader busy. “The wheel loader gets put to work year-round. It’s great for hauling mulch and other materials either at the shop or on a job site during the growing season. We have a lot of jobs where we’re working along roadsides, so it’s nice to be able to run the machine on the road or up and down a driveway without having to worry about wearing down a rubber track,” he adds. “We’re looking forward to the new plow attachment that I just ordered—I just hope that it gets here before we get more snow.”

“Each piece of Takeuchi equipment I own is crucial to my business,” Emery adds.

Emery has purchased all of his Takeuchi equipment from Kaz Equipment, a full-service equipment dealer in South Windsor, Connecticut. Owners Joseph Kazimir and Eric Olivieri serve the landscaping and construction industries of Northwest and Central Connecticut, and have successfully introduced Takeuchi, as well as several other top-tiered brands of equipment to the region. “I bought my TL240 from Eric about four years ago, and have been working with him ever since. Eric always takes great care of us,” Emory says. “Their service is great, and they always get us everything we need.”

Currently, like many folks this time of year, Northwest Landscaping is hoping to keep busy plowing and sanding driveways and parking lots. “I hope we get hammered with snow,” says Emery. “I’m not looking forward to Spring just yet.”

We don’t blame him. 


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